Saturday, December 23, 2006

hi guys,

i just wanted to let ya'll know that i got into Georgetown University [] on my early decision programme so i'll be heading to washington d.c in september 2007 to become a hoya (apparently that's what Georgetown students are called, it's greek for god-knows-what) as part of the class of 2011. i'll be hopefully studying international politics and economics in the school of foreign service. and for royston's sake it's a catholic school run by the Jesuits (i.e the really really really really intellectual catholics). royston, you can be assured that firstly, sitting next to you probably had some subconscious transference that i wound up in a catholic institution and secondly, i have to study theology and "the question of god" as part of my first year module (:

more over, i wanted to thank you guys for all the support you've given me these last two years and i don't think i could've done any of this without having been in 2aa2. if any of you get the chance come visit me in up in D.C on a holiday (i'll miss you guys terribly!). i've gotten offers from most of my UK universities but some how studying in LSE and the likes in london or nottingham or warwick isn't as appealing as the US. though if cambridge says yes it'll be a whole new kettle of fish. in any case, love you all loads and merry christmas!


Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Tea Party At Judith's (23rd December 2006)

hey waaasssup ma bitches and hos!

i see this place being fairly inactive but fret not! judith to the rescue! if you haven't gotten my message (or replied to it for that matter, please do! it quickly), I'm having a Christmas Tea Party on the 23rd (Saturday) of December 2006. It's at my place, just message me for my address. Come over for good food, good wine and great company. Tea starts at 3 thus we can see the choir perform at 7+. I'm sorry I can't have you all over for dinner but I've got a dinner party that evening to get to later :( No matter, we can have a gooood time catching up and being a class. Gwen, if your boyfriend is in town, he's most welcome to join us.

lots of love!

Friday, December 15, 2006

CAN PPLE PLS UPLOAD PROM PHOTOS! pls pls pls. yingyi marissa limmy jamie all you camera pple. i know you are out there!!


Thursday, November 30, 2006

So today, we finished our paper, last paper of the A levels. (!!)
I stood there, looked around, and realised:

I have no one to celebrate with.

First thought:
I want my claassssss.

AA2, I miss you!
Can we please have our bake parties/dvd marathons/jazz outing/CHILL OUT & BUM AROUND sessions soon - please, please, pleassssseeee.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

hey class!! the blog has been inactive for awhile soo it's time to reactivate it!! haha this proves that we have all been studying hard for As yes? no time to blog!! well 2 more papers to go!! hang in there historians and literians!! heh. let's drown ourselves in war movies for now and go in there and fight our final battle with the E4 paper!! woo hoo. heh ok royston, mark, mabs, angie and i are at the coolest coffee bean ever!! there's TECHNOLOGY here :D meh heh. wireless surfing for freeeee!! woo hoo.
i am really going to miss you guys after As end and i won't be seeing you for prom so we must have a New Year's Eve party ok!! then we can party into the night for the last night of our J2 year :)
alright study hard, bye!!
love, charissa

from kosher coffee bean

on my right sits the big kuku-bird, and we are blogging at the one and only kosher coffee bean in singapore. and to my left, are a bunch of muggers mugging through a sea of s.e.a. (hahaha! get the joke?), while the two lit-erians are sitting sipping from a cup, blogging on the class blog.

so, aa2! we manage to pull through the deadly week! i am (we are) so proud of you! to the dearest geog-historians: congratulations! you have survived through the killer day.

okay, peace! remember - jazz pub on next friday! incentive to work hard!

god bless all of you! (: gamabatte!

(watashi wa mewtwo desu!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

love u all. aa2 4eva

hey class...
it's gwen here.
such an emo day today...sob sob sob...really cry so much la.
cant elieve there'll beno more nl4 for more eating in class. no more aft sch activities no more trying to communicate across the class when teacher is tokin.
i'll miss every single one of u...
just wanna let u all know u peps are so special.
i guess u're actually the 1st bunch of ppl tt i felt really attached to...a sense of belonging.
really. not even the dancers or anyone else in fact. love u guys. mom's nagging will be abck soon to update again.
we'll always use the blog to communicate k ? have to saty in contact.
God bless guys

Friday, September 22, 2006

Principal's Honour Roll

This post is in commemoration of the three students who have achieved their very valuable places in the Principal's Honour Roll.

We would like to congratulate these freak-over-achievers of aa2 for being weird and for tieing with the SConers for most number of students from a class. :) WOOHOO!

To the knight and knightresses in shining armour, this post is for you.
Thank you for being so valiant, courageous and un-damsel-like in distress.
keep up the STEAMY singapore, the i-know-everything and geog mightystar!

And in particular, we would also like to wish Miss Judith Jacob VERY VERY MUCH luck in her running for ACJC's Miss Sweetie Pie at Seniors' Night 2006. If you have yet to drop in your voting slips, please do remember to vote for this lady. (:

We would now like to introduce to you to the three recipients of this award.

No.1, Judith PEARL Jacob

thinks she knows everything and is actually catwoman in disguise.

p.s.: she once made out with a coke bottle.

No.2 Mr Joshua Hiew (mosquito)

woohoo. steamy! steam singapore! 'nuff said. as quoted in a very certain "burn book", is a jock-wannabe and has the illusion that he can fly.

No.3: Lim Hui, d/o Lim Liat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

think she's the only normal one? think again. she rules the kingdom of aa2. also equipped with geog superpowers, watch out for this one. she's a PUSHER.

all in all, WELL DONE GUYS! :D

we're so very proud of you! :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

get your sexy on

get your sexy on!
i'm bringing sexy back, YEA! and all the textbooks dont know how to ACT.

torturous 'A's..
you see these SHACKLES
baby i'm your SLAVEEE.


Friday, September 08, 2006

new 2aa2 video!! (:

hey guys! i've made a video of our nightwalk when we went to yingyi's house! i took a couple of videos the other day so i decided to just string them together and make them easier to watch. heh judith i know i said i wouldn't post this on youtube but i was really excited to show you all the video after i made it and this is the only way you can see it! so i hope you don't mind. if not, i'll put you in my BURN BOOK.

love, charissa (:

Thursday, September 07, 2006

we'll do it all.. everything, on our own. :)

welcome to my place. (:

cute pigs. (: ju the pimp mommy. she loves Promiscuous Girls.

getting high.

you see, the evidence. god knows what they were up to.

we try to stay sane.but we want to conquer that, the lone and forbidden jungle. stark darkness. we could have done it without fear, if not for joshua's blair witch mumblings. haha.after, some hesitation, on into the jungle we all went! the fearless aa2ers! check out tiff's hot legs btw. conquerors of the jungle quest. woohoo.

baby you know she wasn't afraid of anything.

survivors. :)

don't piss us off or we'll put you in the BURN BOOK. muahahaha.

thanks for coming over guys! hope you had fun! i'm enjoying the leftover satay now! yumyum. :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

thanks ying yi (:

haha guess what yingyi!! i'm turning into a RAIN and KWON SANG WOO fan too!! (: plus i watched the art of seduction twice!! it's super funny!! haha. i think i shall watch my tutor friend again, just for kwon sang woo :D oh yes and that night at your house was totally awesome!! loved everything from the food to the movie to the night walk! yes we must we must go on more nightwalks!! :D ok this is for everyone in 2aa2 cos i think it's a nice picture :)

love, charissa

Saturday, September 02, 2006

for the RAIN and KWON SANG WOO lovers. :P

hey guys! cant wait to have you all over at my place tmr.
i've been wanting to share this for a LONG time and since youtube's max limit is 10min per video, this is going to be a long post. but trust me, its WORTH it. :D

you must ALL watch this show. it really shows the gulf in entertainment shows between korea and singapore. its an awesome show. be patient! the show goes like this. the producers will set a question for survey and survey people on their answers to these questions and the invited celebrities have to guess the top 5 answers. there are a LOT of very funny jokes going on inside so for rain and kwon sang woo fans, this is for you guys! :D

MC MONG is the funniest guy ever!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

another joke

Condoleezza Rice is giving the president his daily briefing. She concludes by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed."

"OH NO!" the President exclaims. "That's terrible!"

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sits, head in hands.

Finally, the President looks up and asks, "How many is a brazillion?"

Funny Babys

hey guys. tmr's phy geog. and im screwed. but im here to share this video. sure stress relieving.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

joke of the day

A friend was touring Ireland by car. Stopping at a red light, she took the opportunity to gaze at the scenery and was oblivious to the lights changing to green and back to red again.
The driver behind her got out of his car and unleashed the Irish equivalent of road rage. "Would it be a particular shade of green you're looking for?!" he asked.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Funny dance

heh. it's so cute la !! so adorable ! i want baby !

Friday, August 11, 2006

we're all in this together!

i want to watch high school musical!

besides that, i want to say guys.. we can do this!!! everyone has to take the a's, and we all can do it!!! so lets go for prelims!!!!!! wheee!!!!!!!!!!!!

(in case you havent already deduced, im high.)

:D:D:D:D:D jing

on a saner note, i truly deeply believe all of us can do it. (:

Friday, August 04, 2006


i want to learn the cha cha.
like NOW.
very badly.
i'm so inspired, after watching this.

wahhhhh and finally found one of the boys i was ogling at when i watched Burn The Floor. OMG he's on youtube too! he's one of the most versatile dancers i have ever seen. and i managed to find a video of him dancing.. the CHA CHA too!! woohoo. check out his hip movements man, sasha has the hottest hips i've ever seen. :D :D
he was featured on this Australian variety show called Dancing With The Stars where they pair latin ballroom champions up together with celebrities to learn dancing and compete. too bad he's attached to this 18 year old, his dance partner in this competition. SIGH.

check it out man.

but wait, the best is yet to be. this is the bomb.

anyone wants to learn the cha cha? *hopeful look*
hope i didnt bore anyone with this post! hee.

-the one and only. (:

Thursday, August 03, 2006

i wish we had no school.

i wish prelims werent so soon.
BOO. :(

check this out guys! :D

remember that headbutt?

yingggers. (:

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hi guys!! prelims are in 12 days!! *gasp*
anyway, we played dress-up with royston last fri!! and i know most of you have seen the photos but i just had to upload them to etch them in memory. permanently.
haha, go rosey!! you looked good with a makeover. (even if it was for awhile)

haha royston! your secret is out!! you like to pose and take photos of yourself (: (:

i know it.

love, chabster (:

Friday, July 28, 2006

i would like to dedicate this entry to my family, my friends, especially acjc 2aa2 - class of 2006, the people in my church, the principals, our teachers, especially a particularly nice wooly teacher, the toilet aunties, the drink stall aunty, orange monster, my future family (if any!) - my wife, my sons, my daughters, my future colleagues, and all you readers of the ilove2aa2 blog!

i'm my own grandpa
a song by lonzo and oscar

it sounds funny, i know,
but it really is so,
oh, I'm my own grandpa.

i'm my own grandpa.
i'm my own grandpa.
it sounds funny, i know,
but it really is so,
oh, i'm my own grandpa.

now many, many years ago,
when I was twenty-three,
i was married to a widow
who was pretty as could be.
this widow had a grown-up daughter
who had hair of red.
my father fell in love with her,
and soon they, too, were wed.

this made my dad my son-in-law
and changed my very life,
my daughter was my mother,
'cause she was my father's wife.
to complicate the matter,
even though it brought me joy,
i soon became the father
of a bouncing baby boy.

my little baby then became
a brother-in-law to dad,
and so became my uncle,
though it made me very sad.
for if he was my uncle,
then that also made him brother
of the widow's grown-up daughter,
who, of course, was my stepmother.

father's wife then had a son
who kept him on the run,
and he became my grandchild,
for he was my daughter's son.
my wife is now my mother's mother,
and it makes me blue,
because, although she is my wife,
she's my grandmother, too.

now if my wife is my grandmother,
then i'm her grandchild,
and everytime i think of it,
it nearly drives me wild,
for now i have become
the strangest case you ever saw
as husband of my grandmother,
i am my own grandpa!

i'm my own grandpa.
i'm my own grandpa.
it sounds funny, i know,
but it really is so,
oh, I'm my own grandpa.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hahaha! I just watched the re run of Miss Singapore Universe.
I'm having a very bad stomachache now.
But I just had to say that JADE SEAH should have won,

Not that big boobied Carol Cheong!
(Okay, so maybe I am a little jealous but seriously dude, you could knock out a guy with those)

Hahah anyway. I am so dead for prelims.
I am never ever going to finish my revision lah.

And mabs, I hope you had a fantastic 18th

P.S I look like crap in the first photo :(
And may I ask, why do we have another blog registered under our ilove2aa2?

Love, Tiff

Saturday, July 22, 2006

hey guys!
hope you all are mugging hard!
dont be like me ok!
online shopping is drug.
i just bought another $70 worth of stuff, sigh, what can i say?
i'm addicted. yows.

anyway, happy birthday to mabi and i've uploaded the pics!
here's one of all the very special girls in aa2. (:
p.s. i'm sorry i asked mark to join in the pic. hee.

wah. dunno why the picture looks so small here. rawr.

anyway, its great to have EVERYONE back in class again! our class pictures are gonna look so cool. (: so sad we cant get a copy all the jpeg photos though. :(

after angie posted up the last link, it reminded me of another madtv episode on youtube. so check this out okay guys! (:

and the next one is especially for roystove! i think it's pretty damn cool! :D

muchlove! yingyi. (:

Thursday, July 06, 2006

hey kids!

lunch with you guys today was great!
anyways, check out this cute vid! recognise the guy playing the kid?
he was the idiot geisha from the spoof!
hahaha i LOVE cookie monster.

Sesame Street - Bird Flu

angie (:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

hey guys!
long time no post!

i MUST share this one special picture with you all..
and incur the wrath of one special girl who is as kuku as can be.
she says she will NEVER be caught dead in this top. check out the FRILLS yo! hahahahahhaha.
we ripped this idea off jamie.
can you guess where we found these?
have fun!

P.S. i should get like MINUS 350 for this picture right? :D

check out the rest of class photos and angie's birthday at my blog.


Friday, June 30, 2006

lord of the rings hokkien

hey hey guys. know im suppose to be studyin. im really scared i'll fail my prelims. im dead.

panic panic. dies. anyway. here's a video to entertain u guys. maybe being called beautiful aint a good thing anymore...

Friday, June 23, 2006

i miss 2aa2 !!

AH !!!! girls, gays and royston !! i miss u all so much !! i think i'll scream my lungs out on monday when i see all of u !!!
limmy and i went out for lunch with a fren of hours and we keep goin on n on bout our class !!
and royston and i went into econs retest 10 mins b4 the test starts with nothing in our head and our notes in frton of us...and started tokin. arh. haha.
guess wat !!! no one went for ALL the econs personal consultation ! except the last one coz lancey just came to me, royston and mappy and said 'ok. consultation now. LES go.' diaoz !!
i miss all of u ppl !
love u all loads. and by thurs next week our class will be left with 12 ppl ! coz limmy and mark and josh are flying off ! CRIES !!!
the class CRAPPER...newg

ilove2aa2 (2)

i've edited some parts of the video, after royston suggested that i allow the sound on some of the videos be heard..and i've also added some new videos and pictures.
click here for the new video.enjoy (:
p.s. check this out. royston's so famous they made a movie about his shorts. haha. looks like someone's an auntie-killer.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

ilove2aa2 video

hey guys! i know we're all supposed to be mugging. note: supposed to be (:
anyway, i discovered windows movie maker yesterday and decided to experiment with it.
and what better way to experiment than with our whacky class videos and photos.
so i created a video for you guys and i hope you like it!!
click here to view it (:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

hey kids! (:

guess who's come to blog!
im missing all of you alotalot, really!
but i know if we actually meet up or something, we'd totally go nuts and screw up the time we have during the hols.
we're halfway through the june hols (no waay!) , and i know there are lots of us who actually thought we had so much time, or we just couldn't get down to work properly for the past two weeks.
i know im definitely one of them.darn.
but looking on the brightside, (because there's really no other way to look)
there's still two weeks, and if all of us slackers decide to work our asses off for the next 14 days i believe all is not lost!! (:

i know it sounds so cliche and all, but its never too late and its never the end!
so i just wanted to drop by and say,


even though this whole revision thing seems impossible,
(gosh, you wont believe it, all our notes stacked up together make almost 12 inches! worse for the four subbers!)

like our dear limmy said, and like we all KNOW,

we'll all get through this together and as a class.
and we'll leave no one behind.

so all the way for the next two weeks okay?

missing you all to bits.

Angie (:

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Class - I'm so frustrated/freakedout/bored/anguished/tormented/overwhelmed by this studying thing.


When I forget that we're all doing this a level thingy together, that is. ;)

*brings out the pompoms again*

We can do it guys! Let's keep going!

- a rather looney limmy.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


welcome to roy-stove!

in your visit to the all-time favourite restaurant, please remember to drop by the open-air kitchen to give the chief chef your comments! your comments are very much appreciated, and our chief chef loves you!

in order to protect the rest of the creatures in the kitchen in any occasion of an attempt of assault or assasination of the chief chef - just in case you thought that the random guy is the chief chef - our restaurant would gladly provide you with the latest close-up picture of our chief chef on duty.

please do drop by and say 'hi!'.

the roy-stove adventure is just starting to unfold! tune in to for future news reports!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

hey everyone this is my second post in like a really short time! oh well i'm in holiday mode! heh. this is bad. anyway check out this link. it's some psychotic video my friend showed me on youtube. hahaha. 2 silly korean girls doing some mad dance.hee hee but i still like our club-like imitations with the transparency (:
p.s. NUT i hope you have found your way to the class blog! TSK.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

thanks all of you,

for being so overly sensitive the past two days:
asking me if i was okay,
when i really felt like shite inside,
especially jing.

thanks jing, for not being your antagonistic self :)
i love you for that.

i guess, if i have hurt any of you,
one way or another,
cross my heart and hope to die,
it wasn't intentional.
but still, i apologise.

maybe all of us have to go through bad experiences at one point in our lives.

with love, Tiff

Thursday, May 18, 2006

charissa was here.

i need to say something.
do you not think that our class is one of the most enthu around when cheering each other on for 2.4?
i think we are (:
thanks aa2. you rock.
btw royston, if you cannot find a job in the future, you can go lend your voice for one of those silly chinese listening compres. everyone needs to hear royston's recording. the qns is about lancey. tee hee.
ok bye. study hard you lot.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Posting simply cuz it's been such a long time since someone has! :P

While I'm here though, I'd just like to say - thanks a huge bunch guys, for today. Ha oh I know it's not a big deal, quite random actually, but I was honestly quite touched by the positive comments you made when we were discussing (my!) career direction -

You guys are too sweet.
Outside of my parents, you might just be the people who believe in me the most.
I couldn't be more grateful. :)

And the best thing is, I know this particular incident is really just a signifier, an indicator of the larger faith that the entire class has in each other! We all firmly believe in each other, we all know everyone else is going to go far in life, is going to be successful -by their own terms - and is going to be so mega-fulfilled in whatever they each choose to do and pursue.

And we're all going to be there, right behind them, cheering and giving moral support, complete with pom poms! (Maybe Jing can teach us some funky cheerleading routine to go with... bring it on gone wrong! :x )

The future is bright!
The possibilities are endless!

Now if we could just get through this jc bit...


*hugs* much love aa2, much love.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

resolution 212

hahaha hello class it's me JABIE!
i hope everyone is studying hard and doing fine!
ok let me see... is peter pan coming to my window tonight? i don't know. u all laugh, chase him away.
sigh sigh sigh sigh.
anyway, i know with training and everything and my most wonderful amazing lalalala boyfriend in the world
and my coming at normal breakfast time to school,i don't really know what's going on in class but nontheless my care will never change!
you girls and guys if there are, study hard and les play hard too!
ANDRINA: les play is ur favourite isn't it! *teehee*

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Good Friday = NO school.
Bad Friday - No AA2. :(

haha. okay so like check out our geog proj pictures man. those people in front are the judges. i realised that "king of troy" never smiles in photos. heh.

ok so right, if my head is like, blocking more than a little of mark's face and i'm hunching, like YES i am, then, therefore, i must not be THAT short. :D heehee. okay byebye. (:

Saturday, April 15, 2006


CLASS!! 2 things:

1. We are one of the duty classes for Monday's track and field heats!
If you can't make it -for valid reasons! - please get a blue slip/letter from teacher-in-charge (or equivalent documentation) and pass it to me, or see and submit it directly to Mr John Tan.
The rest of us free ones have to be at the netball D after school (4.30pm). Me will be taking attendance!

2. GIRO forms please! Only short of a few more, we're getting more efficient guys! :)


Sighh. Feel quite bad for tainting the class blog with admin. To make up for it, I shall post some nonsense! -

Thought of Jing and the random biscuit tin in the guerilla photo when I saw this:

Edward Monkton is quite funny sometimes.

Ok, Limmy will stop being random now. Back to work!

(She disappears.)

Friday, April 14, 2006

i missed a whole lot of drama! :l


but i'm currently lovestruck and i
REALLY want to find out who that boy in the korean drama is.


it's like my eyes are fly shaped like those
flies masquerading as hearts :)
awwww biscuit teacher and star candy is such a wonderful show.
i'm in eternal bliss.
i wish i could take a shot or show you the picture but i CAN'T.

i was really sick for those three days.
:) heehee but it's alright!

someone bring me back down to earth
where boys do not look like cherubs
and they stink and smell and fart



Thursday, April 13, 2006

you're my good feeling

dear aa2, charissa says thanks for the roller coaster of emotions today (:

SHOCK: seeing jing's face this morning

ANGER: resolution 212 attacks jing. bleah.

MORE ANGER: resolution 212 attacks jing again.

EXPLOSION: outside the NL with marissa, royston and andrina

BIGGER EXPLOSION: the drama in the NL intensifies.

CALMING DOWN: mark, limmy and nat reason things out

LAUGHING: andrina kneels down in her own conclusion that jing has 'thrashed things out'

LAUGHING: because ying yi is a freaking joke outside the NL when the drama is still going on

GUILT: remedial is cancelled and resolution 212 isn't in good shape

MORE GUILT: resolution 212 is calm after it

EVEN MORE GUILT: episode 2 of the drama with ying yi and ms sng. they have finally thrashed things out

WARM FEELING: because we stayed together through it all and supported each other all the way through

WARMER FEELING: jing and ying yi hugged

ADMIRATION: because jing is just a darn awesome and strong human being

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the greatest fall of all time.

let me explain why i will not be in school for the next few days.
so here i am, at cheerleading practice at toa payoh stadium. the plug in point is right on top of the bleachers, so i lug my laptop up there and work on the music. then when i was done, i transferred it into my thumbdrive and wanted to tansfer it into a laptop that was at the bottom of the bleachers. stupidly, i decided to run in an excited manner. i was flying off the 3rd last step when i completely missed the 2nd last step. one foot landed on the laptop on the 1st step (which happen to be the highest) and the other midair. result : laptop flew and so did i. i landed on my side on the concrete floor of the stadium, face first, leading to severe abrasion on the entire left side on my face. now i look like the bride of frankenstein! ahhhh.

so thats the grand story of the greatest fall of all time.

on a positive note, i was actually falling head first but i managed to break my fall. its angels, i tell you. the pain was real horrid but i made it to the hospital, the xrays and thank God, doc says everything is okay. the devil cant win. muahaha!

<3 jing.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Okay, honestly? seriously?
i was sorely tempted to fall asleep during Tempest if not for the excitement and anticipation of watching gwen and angie amongst others dance. okay, and also cos of david, darius and that girl who was pretty good. my, my, watching gwen and angie dance, my eyes were solely trained upon them as they took the stage. i recognised several *cough* familiar moves but nonetheless when gwen was centrestage i was positively lusting after her. so damn hotstuff. abiel has a super hot girlfriend and angie has duper nice hair. hahahah! awesome job guys! :P

now for some pictures, which then you will understand why charissa, throughout the night got more than 12 stares with her model long legs and why i thought tiff looked hot. expose101.. hahaha. just kidding tiff! but i love jamie the best. wahahahha. ok enough nonsense. check them out ya'll. (:

thanks for the support on friday guys. i truly madly deeply love jamie,charissa and tiff. i will make sure i reinforce resolution212! i'm so going to die i'm only at week4 for my 1100 words. grrrr.

haha. okay. time for grey's anatomy. woohoo!
seeya tmr!


Saturday, April 01, 2006

ten ways to avoid lending your wheelbarrow to anybody.

Ten Ways To Avoid Lending Your Wheelbarrow To Anybody

1 patriotic
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
i didn't lay down my life in world war ii
so that you could borrow my wheelbarrow.

2 snobbish
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
unfortunately lord goodman is using it.

3 overweening
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
it is too mighty a conveyance to be wielded
by any mortal save myself.

4 pious
may I borrow your wheelbarrow?
my wheelbarrow is reserved for religious ceremonies.

5 melodramatic
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
i would sooner be broken on its wheel
and buried in its barrow.

6 pathetic
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
i am dying of schizophrenia
and all you can talk about is wheelbarrows.

7 defensive
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
do you think i'm made of wheelbarrows?

8 sinister
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
it is full of blood.

9 lecherous
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
only if i can f--k your wife in it.

10 philosophical
may i borrow your wheelbarrow?
what is a wheelbarrow?

i stole this from royston's blog! its a poem. too bizarre/cute/hilarious to resist. teehee.

<3 jing!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

dear aa2.

you know how i know you guys are working hard, not being disruptive, focusing more, (contrary to what, i shall hence forth refer to as 'that woman' , says) and are generally way better people and students than what that woman thinks? it's quite simple really.

i'm not pissed off! i'm not angry! i'm not irate and annoyed about the fact that no one's disrupting my learning process. don't you think that i'm a good barometer? i mean, i'd be the first person to flip out and looked fucking pissed off during a lesson should people be jacking off and doing other shit, but really, i've been happy (ok, that's reeeeaaally subjective) this term as well as the last 2 or 3 weeks of the term before. hence i can safely say that no one is screwing round exceptionally!

good work guys! keep up the good work at not getting ju pissed. rock on. it means you're learning.

and don't forget to party study. really, i do.

Friday, March 24, 2006

no school no school no school.
i love you guys but i love my holidays even better.
gosh i'm such a lazybones.

but i better drag my sorry ass down.

cant face the thought of school again

mark says if i become a SIA girl he will visit me. i'm going to hold you to that mark!

right now yes now i'm feeling very loserfied because im sitting in the dark
hammering away at my laptop.

anyway just wanted to say seoul garden was great.

and i'm not exposed 101.
jing is very antagonistic towards me. it's so cutting.

angie and jamie and charissa came over today to tannn!

hahah i wish all of you could have been here
it was a very lazy day but with great company nonetheless!

"so, when's the next time we're coming?"


Thursday, March 23, 2006


oh my! i am actually 18 years old, and that makes me the oldest kid in class! -weeps bitterly- but that makes me the first person to be able to drink, smoke, and watch the passion legally!


ah, my first post on the class blog. shall we play some game?

alright, i shall be posting some random pictures i drew using mspaint. each time it shows someone in class - or at least someone we should know! post your answers in the comment section! but hey! it is just for fun! so no offence to anyone!

don't worry, if this is not well-received, i won't do it again. yes, that is a promise.

if you have some really like VIOLENT violent objections, please tell me, or remove the relevant picture(s).

here goes the first one:

oh, if you haven't figured out, royston here!

nothing's gonna stop 2aa2!

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
The Starting Line

Looking in your eyes, I see a paradise.
This world that I found is too good to be true.
Standing here beside you, I want so much to give you this love in my heart that I'm feeling for you
Let them say we're crazy.
I don't care about that.
Put your hand in my hand, baby, don't ever look back.
Let the world around us just fall apart.
Maybe we can make it if we're heart to heart.

And we can build this thing together, stand in stone forever, nothing's gonna stop us now.
And if this world runs out of lovers we'll still have each other.
Nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us now.

I'm so glad I found you, I'm not gonna lose you, whatever it takes to stay here with you.
Take it to the good times, see it through the bad times.
Whatever it takes is what I'm gonna do.
Let them say we're crazy.
What do they know?
Put your arms around me, baby, don't ever let go.
Let the world around us just fall apart.
Baby, we can make it if we're heart to heart.
Oh, all that I need is you.
All that I ever need.
All that I want to do is hold you forever, forever and ever.

And we can build this thing together, stand in stone forever, nothing's gonna stop us now.
And if this world runs out of lovers we'll still have each other.
Nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us now.

song dedication to 2aa2! you guys are like all my lovers!(wrong as it might sound) we will make it if we're heart to heart. sweet right!! teehee and this is just an awesome song.

love jing!

Monday, March 20, 2006


hang in there you sexys!


Thursday, March 16, 2006


oh man tiff! i know what you mean. i'm like in holiday mood or smth!!! i'm for some strange reason hardly worried abt terms. i think it's a bad idea to put it after the hols. thank goodness our prelims are going to be before the hols. anyway, JIA YOU! ok everyone! let's just study really hard for like 4 more days and get it over and done with!! we must do it well together (: i know we're all capable of it (: (:

p.s. do u guys get the chinese page of when u log in? i don't know why i have to change it to english everytime i'm at the homepage. strangely this only happens for and not any other urls. hmm.


Food For Thought

Would you rather be Pam Anderson with cellulite (yes she has cellulite)!
or a Pam Anderson lookalike without cellulite but well not so well off!

Class, tell me to study hard. Right now I feel very indifferent about the terms.
What happened to all the things where you can format ahhh.

♥ Tiff

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blog Virgin

Ju says:

Having one's cherry popped is quite an experience ;)
so here i stand, a blog virgin no more. am woeful for i can't attest to only having one partner anymore (lj for those of you who don't know where my loyalties lie). anyway, i must add that there is a cheap thrill to having a class blog. maybe next year the boys can send us updates from tekong while us women folk can blog about our travels overseas and the freedom that comes from not wearing ghastly green (i like alliteration). in any case, urban [horribly pieced together local version of vogue/harpers bazaar/god knows what fashion magazine they're trying to imitate] says that army greens are back in fashion. therefore, royston should have no worries about not looking like the sexy man of god that he is.

fret not, i do have a point in blogging here! this is for history students who enjoy banal factoids like i do. remember how everyone [i hope everyone was and not just me, otherwise i'd be totally strange] was wondering why the japanese were trying to assasinate the jews or something like that? it was during the class that we were talking about the munich olympic hostage taking [btw, does anyone want to see munich?]. well i went and found out the rationale and here it is...

ok the japanese have this group of communist rebel type dudes known as the japanese red army [sound vaguely familar, you know like the prc's red army, the russian's red army...communists are totally unoriginal] who are good friends with the popular front for liberation of palestine [PFLP]. they've been carrying out terrorist attacks since their formation in 1971. they've got really random goals though, they want to overthrow the japanese government, overthrow the japanese monarchy AND start a world revolution. ambitious, ambitious folks. i mean they're not content with just overthrowing the government, they want World Revolution [wtf!!!!]. the best thing is, NONE, and i mean NONE of these goals have anything to do with Israel!!! just cos they're friends with the PFLP [which is a sucky group lah, the PLA kicks more ass, no one's ever heard of the PFLP] they attack jews.
their most famous attack was really the lod airport massacre on may 30, 1972. They had a machine gun and grenade attack on israel's lod airport in tel aviv, now ben gurion international airport, and killed 26 people and about 80 others were injured. two of the three attackers then killed themselves with grenades. and people now speculate that this act inspired later palestinian suicide attacks. and no one knows why!!! they're so so random!
they took a bunch of malaysians hostage (hahaha! jamie's malaysian brothers), hijacked a bunch of random airlines (like some new dehli plane on the way to if the indians have any money to pay you! you should hijack rich benevolent nations, like sweden, they'll pay) and my personal favourite, bombed Mitsubishi's headquaters in Tokyo.
anyway, they kinda ran out of steam by the 1980s, cos the loser PFLP stopped funding them.
this is what i really don't like, irrelevant terrorists, if you've got a cause say what it is and don't f-ing mess up in other people's business, i mean seriously, what did malaysia, india and israel do to you, you losers? stupid fools. i don't like stupid people but stupid terrorists really really piss me off.

anyway, hope you enjoyed reading about the JRA (:

Sunday, March 12, 2006

gwen's first post !

yay !! it's my first time bloggin here !! *everyone satnds up and applaud* muahaha
oh ya oh ya. ppl..go to that spastic fun-o-rama bomb shelter picture and look at jing. hahaha. everyone looks damn cool. she also looks damn cool la. until u see wat she's holding. den from that sec. she looks like a refugee..hahaha.
ppl !! i ram my nose ! i think it's broken. hmm. random comment. haha study hard k ? jia you everyone !!

gwen loves all of ya !

Saturday, March 11, 2006



-jing the html bozo.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

spread some love

hello aa2 (: tee hee 6 ppl didn't go to sch today. anyway, as the stresses of j2 life begin to build up, i really hope that we can remain united and committed to doing well and enjoying every bit of sch. sometimes i really hate being j2 cos of the A levels and i really don't want to leave when the time comes cos i know life will be so different without seeing u guys and partying and picnicing in our happy hut all day (: but u guys make life easier and more worth it. so let's just SUCK IT UP as pearl would say and keep at it!! (:

here's a bit of encouragement for each other. let's promise to hug each other whenever we're down ok! er mark and josh u can just hug each other for all i care. um royston u can hug my racoon (: sorry boys u can't hug us cos mr lynn says let the light pass through. heh.
charissa loves you (:

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Limmy honestly doesn't know what she'd do without aa2. aa2 plays such a big part in making everyday school joyful and meaningful, in making crazy schedules and heavy workloads bearable - Limmy can't imagine jc life without them, and she doesn't think she'd survive it without them anyway.

Yet, it seems that aa2 oftentimes ends up bearing the brunt of Limmy's *eruptions* and bad behaviour. aa2 has many a time had to suffer Limmy's *tandrums*, *whining/complaining*, or even just simply discouraging or depressing personal behaviour, when they didn't deserve to be treated that way - and Limmy apologises, sincerely. If anything, aa2 is usually the saving grace, the breath of fresh air amidst all of the day's frustrations. Limmy's so thankful for the tolerance and understanding that the rest of aa2 has shown to her.

But even greater than these is the love and support aa2 has given Limmy this past year or so. It is aa2 that gives Limmy much stength to carry on, just by sharing a smile, making her laugh, letting her know we're all in this together, being there, or even just calling her name. How these simple actions get transfered into the energy and the will to carry on, Limmy doesn't know or understand, but she likes to think it's a gift, a power our Father in heaven has given to mankind so that we can look out for and take care of each other, keep each other going.

Limmy thanks aa2 for all their encouraging words, sweet notes, loving acts. She's so encouraged, by all the effort that everyone in aa2 around her is putting into their work, their studies. She knows she can't give up this fight if aa2 hasn't, and she won't so long as aa2 stands.

And aa2 will stand forevermore.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


jing's prayer for 2aa2:
a love that binds, a spirit that never says die, and great alevel results.


i know everyone can get straight As, so lets do it together! haha. yes, i guess i was motivated by today's release of results. lets not be affected by any teacher, cos we're not doing this for anyone but ourselves. yea? (resolution 212!)


Monday, February 27, 2006


Arts Night was cool. the part where the girls 'fainted' when sonic sang was totally hilarious. thanks guys.. i could hear you. truly! (: and it felt so warming.
i thought jing and tiff looked really hot and classy and angie looked so seductive. HURHURHUR.
anyway, some pics from my cam! hoping to get more from the rest of you.

and in reply to jamie, i wasted my entire weekend away sleeping and nothing else. hope you guys did something though.

p.s. i'm still lusting after jing's $10 heels. bwhahahahahha.

muchlove!yingyi. (:

Sunday, February 26, 2006

you can kiss me on a sunday

guess who's back back again! mahahaha! yes me, the person who doesn't know how to blog.
well ok, just wanted to say
'Royston Darling....'
Hope u had a productive weekend aa2!
nighty nights!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


arts night was super fun! thanks aa2 for coming as i doubt we suited the theme but i think u guys still looked hooooot (: i'll just upload the photos i have then. heh. pls do add more!!

u know what we're trying to be (:

tata boy


go mafia!

p.s. yingyi your salsa rocked (:

charissa was here!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pre-Arts Night

Hey guys,

tomorrow (Arts Night)'s performance is dedicated to you guys so come down k! (:
Really excited to perform for you guys and i'm feeling oooohh so nervous! haha.
Please pray i dont screw up.
Hope you guys enjoy the performance and will have fun!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i just wanted to upload a post of my own! hahaha. and some more aa2 photos.

warning: embarrassing photos ahead! 2aa2 eyes only. :)

P/S. i made the following photos extra small so it minimises the unglam factor. HAHA. :ppp

much love, jing!