Thursday, November 30, 2006

So today, we finished our paper, last paper of the A levels. (!!)
I stood there, looked around, and realised:

I have no one to celebrate with.

First thought:
I want my claassssss.

AA2, I miss you!
Can we please have our bake parties/dvd marathons/jazz outing/CHILL OUT & BUM AROUND sessions soon - please, please, pleassssseeee.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

hey class!! the blog has been inactive for awhile soo it's time to reactivate it!! haha this proves that we have all been studying hard for As yes? no time to blog!! well 2 more papers to go!! hang in there historians and literians!! heh. let's drown ourselves in war movies for now and go in there and fight our final battle with the E4 paper!! woo hoo. heh ok royston, mark, mabs, angie and i are at the coolest coffee bean ever!! there's TECHNOLOGY here :D meh heh. wireless surfing for freeeee!! woo hoo.
i am really going to miss you guys after As end and i won't be seeing you for prom so we must have a New Year's Eve party ok!! then we can party into the night for the last night of our J2 year :)
alright study hard, bye!!
love, charissa

from kosher coffee bean

on my right sits the big kuku-bird, and we are blogging at the one and only kosher coffee bean in singapore. and to my left, are a bunch of muggers mugging through a sea of s.e.a. (hahaha! get the joke?), while the two lit-erians are sitting sipping from a cup, blogging on the class blog.

so, aa2! we manage to pull through the deadly week! i am (we are) so proud of you! to the dearest geog-historians: congratulations! you have survived through the killer day.

okay, peace! remember - jazz pub on next friday! incentive to work hard!

god bless all of you! (: gamabatte!

(watashi wa mewtwo desu!)