Friday, September 22, 2006

Principal's Honour Roll

This post is in commemoration of the three students who have achieved their very valuable places in the Principal's Honour Roll.

We would like to congratulate these freak-over-achievers of aa2 for being weird and for tieing with the SConers for most number of students from a class. :) WOOHOO!

To the knight and knightresses in shining armour, this post is for you.
Thank you for being so valiant, courageous and un-damsel-like in distress.
keep up the STEAMY singapore, the i-know-everything and geog mightystar!

And in particular, we would also like to wish Miss Judith Jacob VERY VERY MUCH luck in her running for ACJC's Miss Sweetie Pie at Seniors' Night 2006. If you have yet to drop in your voting slips, please do remember to vote for this lady. (:

We would now like to introduce to you to the three recipients of this award.

No.1, Judith PEARL Jacob

thinks she knows everything and is actually catwoman in disguise.

p.s.: she once made out with a coke bottle.

No.2 Mr Joshua Hiew (mosquito)

woohoo. steamy! steam singapore! 'nuff said. as quoted in a very certain "burn book", is a jock-wannabe and has the illusion that he can fly.

No.3: Lim Hui, d/o Lim Liat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

think she's the only normal one? think again. she rules the kingdom of aa2. also equipped with geog superpowers, watch out for this one. she's a PUSHER.

all in all, WELL DONE GUYS! :D

we're so very proud of you! :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

get your sexy on

get your sexy on!
i'm bringing sexy back, YEA! and all the textbooks dont know how to ACT.

torturous 'A's..
you see these SHACKLES
baby i'm your SLAVEEE.


Friday, September 08, 2006

new 2aa2 video!! (:

hey guys! i've made a video of our nightwalk when we went to yingyi's house! i took a couple of videos the other day so i decided to just string them together and make them easier to watch. heh judith i know i said i wouldn't post this on youtube but i was really excited to show you all the video after i made it and this is the only way you can see it! so i hope you don't mind. if not, i'll put you in my BURN BOOK.

love, charissa (:

Thursday, September 07, 2006

we'll do it all.. everything, on our own. :)

welcome to my place. (:

cute pigs. (: ju the pimp mommy. she loves Promiscuous Girls.

getting high.

you see, the evidence. god knows what they were up to.

we try to stay sane.but we want to conquer that, the lone and forbidden jungle. stark darkness. we could have done it without fear, if not for joshua's blair witch mumblings. haha.after, some hesitation, on into the jungle we all went! the fearless aa2ers! check out tiff's hot legs btw. conquerors of the jungle quest. woohoo.

baby you know she wasn't afraid of anything.

survivors. :)

don't piss us off or we'll put you in the BURN BOOK. muahahaha.

thanks for coming over guys! hope you had fun! i'm enjoying the leftover satay now! yumyum. :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

thanks ying yi (:

haha guess what yingyi!! i'm turning into a RAIN and KWON SANG WOO fan too!! (: plus i watched the art of seduction twice!! it's super funny!! haha. i think i shall watch my tutor friend again, just for kwon sang woo :D oh yes and that night at your house was totally awesome!! loved everything from the food to the movie to the night walk! yes we must we must go on more nightwalks!! :D ok this is for everyone in 2aa2 cos i think it's a nice picture :)

love, charissa

Saturday, September 02, 2006

for the RAIN and KWON SANG WOO lovers. :P

hey guys! cant wait to have you all over at my place tmr.
i've been wanting to share this for a LONG time and since youtube's max limit is 10min per video, this is going to be a long post. but trust me, its WORTH it. :D

you must ALL watch this show. it really shows the gulf in entertainment shows between korea and singapore. its an awesome show. be patient! the show goes like this. the producers will set a question for survey and survey people on their answers to these questions and the invited celebrities have to guess the top 5 answers. there are a LOT of very funny jokes going on inside so for rain and kwon sang woo fans, this is for you guys! :D

MC MONG is the funniest guy ever!