Friday, June 23, 2006

i miss 2aa2 !!

AH !!!! girls, gays and royston !! i miss u all so much !! i think i'll scream my lungs out on monday when i see all of u !!!
limmy and i went out for lunch with a fren of hours and we keep goin on n on bout our class !!
and royston and i went into econs retest 10 mins b4 the test starts with nothing in our head and our notes in frton of us...and started tokin. arh. haha.
guess wat !!! no one went for ALL the econs personal consultation ! except the last one coz lancey just came to me, royston and mappy and said 'ok. consultation now. LES go.' diaoz !!
i miss all of u ppl !
love u all loads. and by thurs next week our class will be left with 12 ppl ! coz limmy and mark and josh are flying off ! CRIES !!!
the class CRAPPER...newg

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