Thursday, March 30, 2006

dear aa2.

you know how i know you guys are working hard, not being disruptive, focusing more, (contrary to what, i shall hence forth refer to as 'that woman' , says) and are generally way better people and students than what that woman thinks? it's quite simple really.

i'm not pissed off! i'm not angry! i'm not irate and annoyed about the fact that no one's disrupting my learning process. don't you think that i'm a good barometer? i mean, i'd be the first person to flip out and looked fucking pissed off during a lesson should people be jacking off and doing other shit, but really, i've been happy (ok, that's reeeeaaally subjective) this term as well as the last 2 or 3 weeks of the term before. hence i can safely say that no one is screwing round exceptionally!

good work guys! keep up the good work at not getting ju pissed. rock on. it means you're learning.

and don't forget to party study. really, i do.

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