Sunday, May 13, 2007


hi guys! i re-appeared! it's been so long, i hope you all are doing fine. and yah of course i still remember you all. everyone's busy with work and stuff, but i hope all of us get to go out soon, or something. by the way, i'm phaik ching the girl who was always late. i hope u all still rmb haha. well take care guys see u around! :D

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hello guys! :)
Okay guess what,
I lost my phone recently but it's okay,
I'm getting the E250.
I can't decide in pink or purple, both are gorgeous really!

So please message me with your numbers OKAY!
If you want to be in my exclusive phonebook (I will be very sad if no one messages me)
Edit: Of course I know my phonebook's far from exclusive

how has everyone been?
Class dinner soon?
Teehee, I'd be shopping now (it's 0530hrs)
But the sprees haven't started yet
Lucky for you!

I hope Royston Mark Josh are OKAY
I don't think they have time to read this blog!
Anyway you can message me if you're free this Friday!
(No objections right)

And has anyone gotten accepted into SMU yet?
I'm beginning to worry

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

ok bitches and hos, i'm in sydney for 2 weeks (because i fucking DESERVE a holiday, that's right! you heard me, i DESERVE a break), you lot want anything?