Thursday, March 09, 2006

spread some love

hello aa2 (: tee hee 6 ppl didn't go to sch today. anyway, as the stresses of j2 life begin to build up, i really hope that we can remain united and committed to doing well and enjoying every bit of sch. sometimes i really hate being j2 cos of the A levels and i really don't want to leave when the time comes cos i know life will be so different without seeing u guys and partying and picnicing in our happy hut all day (: but u guys make life easier and more worth it. so let's just SUCK IT UP as pearl would say and keep at it!! (:

here's a bit of encouragement for each other. let's promise to hug each other whenever we're down ok! er mark and josh u can just hug each other for all i care. um royston u can hug my racoon (: sorry boys u can't hug us cos mr lynn says let the light pass through. heh.
charissa loves you (:

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