Thursday, March 16, 2006


oh man tiff! i know what you mean. i'm like in holiday mood or smth!!! i'm for some strange reason hardly worried abt terms. i think it's a bad idea to put it after the hols. thank goodness our prelims are going to be before the hols. anyway, JIA YOU! ok everyone! let's just study really hard for like 4 more days and get it over and done with!! we must do it well together (: i know we're all capable of it (: (:

p.s. do u guys get the chinese page of when u log in? i don't know why i have to change it to english everytime i'm at the homepage. strangely this only happens for and not any other urls. hmm.



ilove2aa2 said...

haha no i dont get the chinese page. chabee your com is weird!!

ilove2aa2 said...

oops that was jing. sorry!! i always forget.