Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Tea Party At Judith's (23rd December 2006)

hey waaasssup ma bitches and hos!

i see this place being fairly inactive but fret not! judith to the rescue! if you haven't gotten my message (or replied to it for that matter, please do! it quickly), I'm having a Christmas Tea Party on the 23rd (Saturday) of December 2006. It's at my place, just message me for my address. Come over for good food, good wine and great company. Tea starts at 3 thus we can see the choir perform at 7+. I'm sorry I can't have you all over for dinner but I've got a dinner party that evening to get to later :( No matter, we can have a gooood time catching up and being a class. Gwen, if your boyfriend is in town, he's most welcome to join us.

lots of love!

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