Thursday, April 13, 2006

you're my good feeling

dear aa2, charissa says thanks for the roller coaster of emotions today (:

SHOCK: seeing jing's face this morning

ANGER: resolution 212 attacks jing. bleah.

MORE ANGER: resolution 212 attacks jing again.

EXPLOSION: outside the NL with marissa, royston and andrina

BIGGER EXPLOSION: the drama in the NL intensifies.

CALMING DOWN: mark, limmy and nat reason things out

LAUGHING: andrina kneels down in her own conclusion that jing has 'thrashed things out'

LAUGHING: because ying yi is a freaking joke outside the NL when the drama is still going on

GUILT: remedial is cancelled and resolution 212 isn't in good shape

MORE GUILT: resolution 212 is calm after it

EVEN MORE GUILT: episode 2 of the drama with ying yi and ms sng. they have finally thrashed things out

WARM FEELING: because we stayed together through it all and supported each other all the way through

WARMER FEELING: jing and ying yi hugged

ADMIRATION: because jing is just a darn awesome and strong human being


ilove2aa2 said...

comic relief la.
you zall looked likex you were gonna punch her when she came out of the room.
we didnt really thrash things out.. but i just told her in a really nice way what i thought, didnt bring up my mom though. heh. ohwells. i'm prepared to let it go past la. i dont really blame her that much cos i keep thinking back to what her intention is.
love 2aa2 lots.

ilove2aa2 said...

you zall? likex? what??? yingyi bu yao lose it. aha.

ilove2aa2 said...

oops was jing there. teehee.