Sunday, June 11, 2006

hey kids! (:

guess who's come to blog!
im missing all of you alotalot, really!
but i know if we actually meet up or something, we'd totally go nuts and screw up the time we have during the hols.
we're halfway through the june hols (no waay!) , and i know there are lots of us who actually thought we had so much time, or we just couldn't get down to work properly for the past two weeks.
i know im definitely one of them.darn.
but looking on the brightside, (because there's really no other way to look)
there's still two weeks, and if all of us slackers decide to work our asses off for the next 14 days i believe all is not lost!! (:

i know it sounds so cliche and all, but its never too late and its never the end!
so i just wanted to drop by and say,


even though this whole revision thing seems impossible,
(gosh, you wont believe it, all our notes stacked up together make almost 12 inches! worse for the four subbers!)

like our dear limmy said, and like we all KNOW,

we'll all get through this together and as a class.
and we'll leave no one behind.

so all the way for the next two weeks okay?

missing you all to bits.

Angie (:

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