Thursday, March 23, 2006


oh my! i am actually 18 years old, and that makes me the oldest kid in class! -weeps bitterly- but that makes me the first person to be able to drink, smoke, and watch the passion legally!


ah, my first post on the class blog. shall we play some game?

alright, i shall be posting some random pictures i drew using mspaint. each time it shows someone in class - or at least someone we should know! post your answers in the comment section! but hey! it is just for fun! so no offence to anyone!

don't worry, if this is not well-received, i won't do it again. yes, that is a promise.

if you have some really like VIOLENT violent objections, please tell me, or remove the relevant picture(s).

here goes the first one:

oh, if you haven't figured out, royston here!

1 comment:

hui said...

ahaha i like how the prawn is sleeping.. =X hee. dont need to guess! so obvious. =P