Wednesday, May 31, 2006


welcome to roy-stove!

in your visit to the all-time favourite restaurant, please remember to drop by the open-air kitchen to give the chief chef your comments! your comments are very much appreciated, and our chief chef loves you!

in order to protect the rest of the creatures in the kitchen in any occasion of an attempt of assault or assasination of the chief chef - just in case you thought that the random guy is the chief chef - our restaurant would gladly provide you with the latest close-up picture of our chief chef on duty.

please do drop by and say 'hi!'.

the roy-stove adventure is just starting to unfold! tune in to for future news reports!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

hey everyone this is my second post in like a really short time! oh well i'm in holiday mode! heh. this is bad. anyway check out this link. it's some psychotic video my friend showed me on youtube. hahaha. 2 silly korean girls doing some mad dance.hee hee but i still like our club-like imitations with the transparency (:
p.s. NUT i hope you have found your way to the class blog! TSK.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

thanks all of you,

for being so overly sensitive the past two days:
asking me if i was okay,
when i really felt like shite inside,
especially jing.

thanks jing, for not being your antagonistic self :)
i love you for that.

i guess, if i have hurt any of you,
one way or another,
cross my heart and hope to die,
it wasn't intentional.
but still, i apologise.

maybe all of us have to go through bad experiences at one point in our lives.

with love, Tiff

Thursday, May 18, 2006

charissa was here.

i need to say something.
do you not think that our class is one of the most enthu around when cheering each other on for 2.4?
i think we are (:
thanks aa2. you rock.
btw royston, if you cannot find a job in the future, you can go lend your voice for one of those silly chinese listening compres. everyone needs to hear royston's recording. the qns is about lancey. tee hee.
ok bye. study hard you lot.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Posting simply cuz it's been such a long time since someone has! :P

While I'm here though, I'd just like to say - thanks a huge bunch guys, for today. Ha oh I know it's not a big deal, quite random actually, but I was honestly quite touched by the positive comments you made when we were discussing (my!) career direction -

You guys are too sweet.
Outside of my parents, you might just be the people who believe in me the most.
I couldn't be more grateful. :)

And the best thing is, I know this particular incident is really just a signifier, an indicator of the larger faith that the entire class has in each other! We all firmly believe in each other, we all know everyone else is going to go far in life, is going to be successful -by their own terms - and is going to be so mega-fulfilled in whatever they each choose to do and pursue.

And we're all going to be there, right behind them, cheering and giving moral support, complete with pom poms! (Maybe Jing can teach us some funky cheerleading routine to go with... bring it on gone wrong! :x )

The future is bright!
The possibilities are endless!

Now if we could just get through this jc bit...


*hugs* much love aa2, much love.