Friday, September 22, 2006

Principal's Honour Roll

This post is in commemoration of the three students who have achieved their very valuable places in the Principal's Honour Roll.

We would like to congratulate these freak-over-achievers of aa2 for being weird and for tieing with the SConers for most number of students from a class. :) WOOHOO!

To the knight and knightresses in shining armour, this post is for you.
Thank you for being so valiant, courageous and un-damsel-like in distress.
keep up the STEAMY singapore, the i-know-everything and geog mightystar!

And in particular, we would also like to wish Miss Judith Jacob VERY VERY MUCH luck in her running for ACJC's Miss Sweetie Pie at Seniors' Night 2006. If you have yet to drop in your voting slips, please do remember to vote for this lady. (:

We would now like to introduce to you to the three recipients of this award.

No.1, Judith PEARL Jacob

thinks she knows everything and is actually catwoman in disguise.

p.s.: she once made out with a coke bottle.

No.2 Mr Joshua Hiew (mosquito)

woohoo. steamy! steam singapore! 'nuff said. as quoted in a very certain "burn book", is a jock-wannabe and has the illusion that he can fly.

No.3: Lim Hui, d/o Lim Liat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

think she's the only normal one? think again. she rules the kingdom of aa2. also equipped with geog superpowers, watch out for this one. she's a PUSHER.

all in all, WELL DONE GUYS! :D

we're so very proud of you! :)

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