Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Posting simply cuz it's been such a long time since someone has! :P

While I'm here though, I'd just like to say - thanks a huge bunch guys, for today. Ha oh I know it's not a big deal, quite random actually, but I was honestly quite touched by the positive comments you made when we were discussing (my!) career direction -

You guys are too sweet.
Outside of my parents, you might just be the people who believe in me the most.
I couldn't be more grateful. :)

And the best thing is, I know this particular incident is really just a signifier, an indicator of the larger faith that the entire class has in each other! We all firmly believe in each other, we all know everyone else is going to go far in life, is going to be successful -by their own terms - and is going to be so mega-fulfilled in whatever they each choose to do and pursue.

And we're all going to be there, right behind them, cheering and giving moral support, complete with pom poms! (Maybe Jing can teach us some funky cheerleading routine to go with... bring it on gone wrong! :x )

The future is bright!
The possibilities are endless!

Now if we could just get through this jc bit...


*hugs* much love aa2, much love.

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