Friday, August 04, 2006


i want to learn the cha cha.
like NOW.
very badly.
i'm so inspired, after watching this.

wahhhhh and finally found one of the boys i was ogling at when i watched Burn The Floor. OMG he's on youtube too! he's one of the most versatile dancers i have ever seen. and i managed to find a video of him dancing.. the CHA CHA too!! woohoo. check out his hip movements man, sasha has the hottest hips i've ever seen. :D :D
he was featured on this Australian variety show called Dancing With The Stars where they pair latin ballroom champions up together with celebrities to learn dancing and compete. too bad he's attached to this 18 year old, his dance partner in this competition. SIGH.

check it out man.

but wait, the best is yet to be. this is the bomb.

anyone wants to learn the cha cha? *hopeful look*
hope i didnt bore anyone with this post! hee.

-the one and only. (:

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