Saturday, July 01, 2006

hey guys!
long time no post!

i MUST share this one special picture with you all..
and incur the wrath of one special girl who is as kuku as can be.
she says she will NEVER be caught dead in this top. check out the FRILLS yo! hahahahahhaha.
we ripped this idea off jamie.
can you guess where we found these?
have fun!

P.S. i should get like MINUS 350 for this picture right? :D

check out the rest of class photos and angie's birthday at my blog.



ilove2aa2 said...

omg. where the hell did you guys get those outfits.
1000 points each!


ilove2aa2 said...

its SUPPOSED to be MINUS 1000 points!!


Don't Mind Me... said...

Darn... I LOVE the green... Classic