Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blog Virgin

Ju says:

Having one's cherry popped is quite an experience ;)
so here i stand, a blog virgin no more. am woeful for i can't attest to only having one partner anymore (lj for those of you who don't know where my loyalties lie). anyway, i must add that there is a cheap thrill to having a class blog. maybe next year the boys can send us updates from tekong while us women folk can blog about our travels overseas and the freedom that comes from not wearing ghastly green (i like alliteration). in any case, urban [horribly pieced together local version of vogue/harpers bazaar/god knows what fashion magazine they're trying to imitate] says that army greens are back in fashion. therefore, royston should have no worries about not looking like the sexy man of god that he is.

fret not, i do have a point in blogging here! this is for history students who enjoy banal factoids like i do. remember how everyone [i hope everyone was and not just me, otherwise i'd be totally strange] was wondering why the japanese were trying to assasinate the jews or something like that? it was during the class that we were talking about the munich olympic hostage taking [btw, does anyone want to see munich?]. well i went and found out the rationale and here it is...

ok the japanese have this group of communist rebel type dudes known as the japanese red army [sound vaguely familar, you know like the prc's red army, the russian's red army...communists are totally unoriginal] who are good friends with the popular front for liberation of palestine [PFLP]. they've been carrying out terrorist attacks since their formation in 1971. they've got really random goals though, they want to overthrow the japanese government, overthrow the japanese monarchy AND start a world revolution. ambitious, ambitious folks. i mean they're not content with just overthrowing the government, they want World Revolution [wtf!!!!]. the best thing is, NONE, and i mean NONE of these goals have anything to do with Israel!!! just cos they're friends with the PFLP [which is a sucky group lah, the PLA kicks more ass, no one's ever heard of the PFLP] they attack jews.
their most famous attack was really the lod airport massacre on may 30, 1972. They had a machine gun and grenade attack on israel's lod airport in tel aviv, now ben gurion international airport, and killed 26 people and about 80 others were injured. two of the three attackers then killed themselves with grenades. and people now speculate that this act inspired later palestinian suicide attacks. and no one knows why!!! they're so so random!
they took a bunch of malaysians hostage (hahaha! jamie's malaysian brothers), hijacked a bunch of random airlines (like some new dehli plane on the way to india...as if the indians have any money to pay you! you should hijack rich benevolent nations, like sweden, they'll pay) and my personal favourite, bombed Mitsubishi's headquaters in Tokyo.
anyway, they kinda ran out of steam by the 1980s, cos the loser PFLP stopped funding them.
this is what i really don't like, irrelevant terrorists, if you've got a cause say what it is and don't f-ing mess up in other people's business, i mean seriously, what did malaysia, india and israel do to you, you losers? stupid fools. i don't like stupid people but stupid terrorists really really piss me off.

anyway, hope you enjoyed reading about the JRA (:


ilove2aa2 said...

i think judith has a passion for brackets. (:

<3 jing

TC said...

i knew they were stupid! HAHAH!
you didn't have to add that comment at the bottom about hating stupid people.

i think we all know who you hate :p

ilove2aa2 said...

*laughs* yes i like brackets [don't you?]

no no, there's a difference between being stupid, being slow witted and being a bloody irrelevant terrorist. i need to make those distinctions. but in any case, you're probably right, you all know who i dislike because well, i dislike a lot of people [and btw, a lot is two words not one] =D