Sunday, April 09, 2006


Okay, honestly? seriously?
i was sorely tempted to fall asleep during Tempest if not for the excitement and anticipation of watching gwen and angie amongst others dance. okay, and also cos of david, darius and that girl who was pretty good. my, my, watching gwen and angie dance, my eyes were solely trained upon them as they took the stage. i recognised several *cough* familiar moves but nonetheless when gwen was centrestage i was positively lusting after her. so damn hotstuff. abiel has a super hot girlfriend and angie has duper nice hair. hahahah! awesome job guys! :P

now for some pictures, which then you will understand why charissa, throughout the night got more than 12 stares with her model long legs and why i thought tiff looked hot. expose101.. hahaha. just kidding tiff! but i love jamie the best. wahahahha. ok enough nonsense. check them out ya'll. (:

thanks for the support on friday guys. i truly madly deeply love jamie,charissa and tiff. i will make sure i reinforce resolution212! i'm so going to die i'm only at week4 for my 1100 words. grrrr.

haha. okay. time for grey's anatomy. woohoo!
seeya tmr!



ilove2aa2 said...

my god, tiff looks fantastic

ilove2aa2 said...

that was judith btw

TC said...

hahah okay judith, thank you :)