Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the greatest fall of all time.

let me explain why i will not be in school for the next few days.
so here i am, at cheerleading practice at toa payoh stadium. the plug in point is right on top of the bleachers, so i lug my laptop up there and work on the music. then when i was done, i transferred it into my thumbdrive and wanted to tansfer it into a laptop that was at the bottom of the bleachers. stupidly, i decided to run in an excited manner. i was flying off the 3rd last step when i completely missed the 2nd last step. one foot landed on the laptop on the 1st step (which happen to be the highest) and the other midair. result : laptop flew and so did i. i landed on my side on the concrete floor of the stadium, face first, leading to severe abrasion on the entire left side on my face. now i look like the bride of frankenstein! ahhhh.

so thats the grand story of the greatest fall of all time.

on a positive note, i was actually falling head first but i managed to break my fall. its angels, i tell you. the pain was real horrid but i made it to the hospital, the xrays and thank God, doc says everything is okay. the devil cant win. muahaha!

<3 jing.

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