Thursday, September 07, 2006

we'll do it all.. everything, on our own. :)

welcome to my place. (:

cute pigs. (: ju the pimp mommy. she loves Promiscuous Girls.

getting high.

you see, the evidence. god knows what they were up to.

we try to stay sane.but we want to conquer that, the lone and forbidden jungle. stark darkness. we could have done it without fear, if not for joshua's blair witch mumblings. haha.after, some hesitation, on into the jungle we all went! the fearless aa2ers! check out tiff's hot legs btw. conquerors of the jungle quest. woohoo.

baby you know she wasn't afraid of anything.

survivors. :)

don't piss us off or we'll put you in the BURN BOOK. muahahaha.

thanks for coming over guys! hope you had fun! i'm enjoying the leftover satay now! yumyum. :)

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