Monday, February 27, 2006


Arts Night was cool. the part where the girls 'fainted' when sonic sang was totally hilarious. thanks guys.. i could hear you. truly! (: and it felt so warming.
i thought jing and tiff looked really hot and classy and angie looked so seductive. HURHURHUR.
anyway, some pics from my cam! hoping to get more from the rest of you.

and in reply to jamie, i wasted my entire weekend away sleeping and nothing else. hope you guys did something though.

p.s. i'm still lusting after jing's $10 heels. bwhahahahahha.

muchlove!yingyi. (:

Sunday, February 26, 2006

you can kiss me on a sunday

guess who's back back again! mahahaha! yes me, the person who doesn't know how to blog.
well ok, just wanted to say
'Royston Darling....'
Hope u had a productive weekend aa2!
nighty nights!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


arts night was super fun! thanks aa2 for coming as i doubt we suited the theme but i think u guys still looked hooooot (: i'll just upload the photos i have then. heh. pls do add more!!

u know what we're trying to be (:

tata boy


go mafia!

p.s. yingyi your salsa rocked (:

charissa was here!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pre-Arts Night

Hey guys,

tomorrow (Arts Night)'s performance is dedicated to you guys so come down k! (:
Really excited to perform for you guys and i'm feeling oooohh so nervous! haha.
Please pray i dont screw up.
Hope you guys enjoy the performance and will have fun!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i just wanted to upload a post of my own! hahaha. and some more aa2 photos.

warning: embarrassing photos ahead! 2aa2 eyes only. :)

P/S. i made the following photos extra small so it minimises the unglam factor. HAHA. :ppp

much love, jing!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2aa2, you make me want to live

heheh :)

i agree! i love love love the thingything. what's that called.

uhm the picture of jing with the biscuit tin.
anyhoo, guess what our terrorist potos are up on the tv in the
uhm first level of the school (you know the place in front of the office)

obviously i'm not very good at directions.

i hope to minimise randomness when i blog here
or else people won't understand me! :(

so the spaces will be smaller.

anyway i think that teachers shouldn't tell people

"i hate it when people don't listen to me".

it really makes me question the reason why you became a teacher!

so you have the power to command people and make them listen to you?

(this is not a angsty entry)

anyway judith's house yesterday was so fun.

i'm so glad that joshua and judith could be there for once :)

yay debaters rock! 2aa2 debaters, anyway :D

this entry is very long long long. anyway chab!

this is for you :)

i chronicled, the days you made me want to live

memorised the way that it felt and then i turned it into this kiss

i LUB jamison parker!

and 2aa2


Monday, February 20, 2006


i want it that way

i want it that way: "r"

haha how the freak do you blog this is my first time hope it's reversible! anyway! today was wicked awesome in judith's house! i officially declare that 2aa2 is a class full of pigs but what the heck we are loving and caring pigs and that's all that matters ! ok we just ate ice creams/cakes/pies/pizzas/chips/cheeses/breads/BANANAS! :D
im just adding an S to everything cos you know we don't eat just one of each item.
KAY! mark, charissa, fishball, jing, judith, royston, angela and ol me played some game called TABOO which
is dam freakin fun! it's like the pyramid game but less tense cos no 100000 buck cheque at the end of the
game! well the team with marissa was blessed cos one of marissa's hidden talents is this Taboo game,
congratulations marissa. I'm not sure what happend for some moments cos Judith's house is just so comfy i
fell asleep all over the place even her floor thanks JUJU :D
Ju chased us out after that cos she hada go for drama and im like what the freak fine! haha! kidding. well
jing, fb, angie, kuku and i wanted to go town k boxing but in the end we ended up stuffing our face again?
so what the heck just eat lah! this time we ate sushi i thought it was super duper gruesome. disgusting man.
i've never tasted such rubbery sushi my whole life. ok at least Jing really had the time of her life eating her
soggy and rubbery california handroll. it's like u can take it rub on table and use it as eraser.
alrighty! we finished eating and we went to kai kai! :D which means walk walk btw. yah charissa and i were
dying to go topshop to see what's in fashion this season as usual the 70% discount rack was full of size 14 and
above clothes or those hideous rejects where designers try to be innovative and creative but produce
something far from the word pretty.
YES! so angie and i found this GLORIOUS skirt but noooooo it had tocost like 93 bucks wth trying to rip me
off or what. i'd rather ask my ggrandmother to sew me some threads. yah then they sold a diff colour at the
discount rack but like i said it's another term for overweight rack so they only had size 14 and above which
means that the skirt would slide down my child-bearing hips. la la la! :(
it's 11.51 i better sleep soon! TODAY WAS GREAT OVERALL! I LOVE U AA2!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

funorama 18 was such a blast. and i couldn't imagine having done it with any other class but u guys (: hahaha yup from crawling around on the roads to setting up fake crossfires to dunking teachers to sitting at the super boring supermarket to sell um stuff and to every last min of carrying coconuts, pineapples and dancing on stage. yup. haha.
alright this is for all u rebels out there!

(btw i love the photo above this where jing is holding a biscuit tin. how extremely out of point. haha.)

tee hee. the terrorists got hungry.


love, chabissa

2aa2 rocks

hello everyone!!! a new class blog has been created. courtesy of charissa (: (:
guess why i chose this template? simply because DOTS RULE : STRIPES DROOL.muahahahaahah.
please do add ur own links to this blog and any class photos that u might have!!
and don't foget to sign off after each entry yea?
yay (: