Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Limmy honestly doesn't know what she'd do without aa2. aa2 plays such a big part in making everyday school joyful and meaningful, in making crazy schedules and heavy workloads bearable - Limmy can't imagine jc life without them, and she doesn't think she'd survive it without them anyway.

Yet, it seems that aa2 oftentimes ends up bearing the brunt of Limmy's *eruptions* and bad behaviour. aa2 has many a time had to suffer Limmy's *tandrums*, *whining/complaining*, or even just simply discouraging or depressing personal behaviour, when they didn't deserve to be treated that way - and Limmy apologises, sincerely. If anything, aa2 is usually the saving grace, the breath of fresh air amidst all of the day's frustrations. Limmy's so thankful for the tolerance and understanding that the rest of aa2 has shown to her.

But even greater than these is the love and support aa2 has given Limmy this past year or so. It is aa2 that gives Limmy much stength to carry on, just by sharing a smile, making her laugh, letting her know we're all in this together, being there, or even just calling her name. How these simple actions get transfered into the energy and the will to carry on, Limmy doesn't know or understand, but she likes to think it's a gift, a power our Father in heaven has given to mankind so that we can look out for and take care of each other, keep each other going.

Limmy thanks aa2 for all their encouraging words, sweet notes, loving acts. She's so encouraged, by all the effort that everyone in aa2 around her is putting into their work, their studies. She knows she can't give up this fight if aa2 hasn't, and she won't so long as aa2 stands.

And aa2 will stand forevermore.


gayle said...

gayle wishes she had never left aa2 (despite thinking ahr is kinda cool as well) after the first three months and wants to apply to be an honorary member!

ilove2aa2 said...

i really think limmy tt sometimes or ather loads of time u're my source of inspiration.

ilove2aa2 said...

gayle! give u membership card, u can print this out!

Honorary Member of AA2
Name: Debator Gayle Goh
Class: AHR
Expiration date: 01/01/2075
Issued On: 19/03/05

*any further enquiries please send a letter to 2AA2, NL4, ACJC, Dover Close East 25


gayle said...

haha! *sniffs* very touched, thank you.