Sunday, March 12, 2006

gwen's first post !

yay !! it's my first time bloggin here !! *everyone satnds up and applaud* muahaha
oh ya oh ya. ppl..go to that spastic fun-o-rama bomb shelter picture and look at jing. hahaha. everyone looks damn cool. she also looks damn cool la. until u see wat she's holding. den from that sec. she looks like a refugee..hahaha.
ppl !! i ram my nose ! i think it's broken. hmm. random comment. haha study hard k ? jia you everyone !!

gwen loves all of ya !


ilove2aa2 said...

gwen you are a KUTUMAYAM OKAY! who's the extremely out of point one now. and i want a tagboard!!!

ilove2aa2 said...

oops that was me jing. hahahaha.

ilove2aa2 said...

hahah jing bu yao obssess over the tagboard!!! i will add it ok!! SOON. haha it's 1.12am now. i should go to zzzzzzzzz.anyway er GO GWEN! you are like the fastest person on earth :)