Saturday, April 15, 2006


CLASS!! 2 things:

1. We are one of the duty classes for Monday's track and field heats!
If you can't make it -for valid reasons! - please get a blue slip/letter from teacher-in-charge (or equivalent documentation) and pass it to me, or see and submit it directly to Mr John Tan.
The rest of us free ones have to be at the netball D after school (4.30pm). Me will be taking attendance!

2. GIRO forms please! Only short of a few more, we're getting more efficient guys! :)


Sighh. Feel quite bad for tainting the class blog with admin. To make up for it, I shall post some nonsense! -

Thought of Jing and the random biscuit tin in the guerilla photo when I saw this:

Edward Monkton is quite funny sometimes.

Ok, Limmy will stop being random now. Back to work!

(She disappears.)

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