Thursday, June 14, 2007

hi guys, here's a little update on what has been going on in my life (if anyone's interested) lol.
I now have another ex-boyfriend to add to the list, yes, for those who have met him, he's not mine anymore. well since like quite a while ago anyway, but i broke the record! gee, now i sound like a skank. ok nvm,

i'll be reading Economics at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth. it's one of the best universities in the Group of Eight so i think i'm really thankful for that. So to answer Charissa' question, i'm in UWA's Business School. Australia's system is different, it isn't meritous honours but invitational so i'm hoping to actually qualify for it and hopefully major in Investment Finance & perhaps International Business. haven't really decided on that yet though and i'm not sure if i can get in, its a really demanding and tough programme and we all know i'm not exactly Joshua Hiew or Judith Jacob. hee. I was mildly entertaining the thought of doing a double degree in Economics & Education but that would mean that I would be like lancey, an Econs tutor. mmmm. okay not really me anyway, i'm done serving time in barker. (can you imagine me teaching? hmmmm)

i'll be leaving for Perth in July, July 8 on the 9am flight. I'm flying Qantas and i really dont know what to pack inside cos i just want to bring my whole house there.

btw, PLEASE do get a facebook account so i can easily keep in touch with every one of you. i know nut, judith, mark and limmy already have an account. please get an account at and we can be poke buddies. (: at least this way, i can check in on what you guys are up to when i'm down under. (friendster is SO passe and useless)

i REALLY hope to be able to meet up with each and every single one of you before i fly off and i really miss the crazy times back in ac. you guys were my acjc. (:


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