Wednesday, June 27, 2007

God's Favorite

hey guys,

firstly one big ARGH at you all for not responding to my class dinner post. we need to meet up!

secondly, i have a big announcement to make! see, this year viknesh, natbala and i started off with a grand ambition to stage our own play. well, we've finally gotten this project off the ground and we're actually doing it!

We're staging "God's Favorite" by Neil Simon (it's a f-ing hilarious comedy) at the Substation on the 28th (Saturday) and 29th (Sunday) of July at 7pm (Sat Night, Sun Night) and 2pm (Sun Afternoon only).

Please, please, please come and watch us because this is such an indie production. We literally cobbled the money for it by ourselves. Vik and Nat directed it. I did the production work (i.e jolo slave labour), ticketing, etc and it starts brilliant people too. David de Winne is our lead (for sake of Quality!), ditto Matthew Crawshaw, Ankita (AA3), Ethel Yap (AHR) and Jill Ng (SE1) all star in it too. We've even got non-ACSian Theatre actors (including Ethel and Jill...who are damn good really!) who aren't from ACJC. We've got a J2 guy from ACS(I) named Johannes and an ex-CJC girl named Iz who are also acting in this. Also, we're so poor and broke now it hurts!

Tickets are $20 for the 7pm shows and $15 for the 2pm Sunday show.

I really really hope you guys can make it down! Please come watch!


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