Monday, October 01, 2007

aa2, wherefore art thou

hey guys,

It's been a month since I came here and I miss you guys a whole lot.

It's not that life here isn't great - it's good, ups and downs, as I tell everyone - but it's really hard to be taken away from 2 years of such amazingly comfortable friendships and be thrown into this new friendship phase with everyone else around you all over again. There's no one in the flesh I can really talk to just yet, and definitely no one I feel comfortable in all my silliness and nonsense with! It's probably going to take some time, as these things go.

How are you guys? Please email me/facebook me/talk to me on msn and tell me ALL your INNANE stories k - home is home for all its idiosyncracies, and I'd be more than happy to hear your tales, no matter how nonsensical or trashy you guys might think they are. Bring me a little bit of home.

in His love and mine,

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