Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i think ya'll will find this amusing.
around the same time that i applied to georgetown, i applied to carnegie mellon which is apparently the best architecture school in the world (at the time, i didn't know all this) on a whim because i thought it would be fun to be an architect. i submitted a portfolio of work from my aep days and then promptly forgot about the rest of my application because seriously, i don't want to be an architect. but yesterday! lo and behold! apparently i have been accepted DESPITE not writing any essays, DESPITE not really paying for the application, DESPITE not sending in any SAT scores, DESPITE not doing math or physics or chem (apparently mandatory requirements for architecture) which leaves me to believe that the us universities, are a) desperate for students b) can't tell the difference between math and economics, georgraphy and chemistry and history and physics for that matter and c) don't really have stringent admissions officers (:

in any case, my lack of faith in the us university system is being reinforced because i'm meeting all my new classmates over on facebook, and lets face it, none of 'em seem too intelligent because one of them asked me "like do you reeeeeeaaaaally live in Singapore?" judith would like to respond to such assinine statements with "like no biatch, i actually liked and i come from madagascar". seriously wtf. so much for best foreign service school in the states. urgh. am so going to miss ya'll. yes, even you ying yi. please write to me and keep me sane from all these "like, you know" type of people

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