Monday, March 05, 2007

Proposing TWO AA2 gatherings for March! :D

Hey AA2! Is everyone up for having TWO aa2 gatherings for March? One each for both Royston and Judith! :D

Mr Woolhead will be performing with his Celtic band, Gan Ainm ("no name"), at the Esplanade Concourse (6.30 - 7pm) & the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (8 - 8.45pm) on the 18th of March (Sunday) for the Mosaic Music Festival (How cool is that!). Let's make that a stop for our 18th of March gathering to celebrate Judith's birthday!

For Royston's birthday, let's get together again on the 25th of March (the next Sunday after that) - blog/message ideas for programmes for both nights here/to me/to everybody!

Oh and, congratulations everyone - we made it through the As, together. :) Wouldn't have made it any way else.

much love,

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