Thursday, February 22, 2007

hello everyone. how are all of you? i really miss the times in the NL and throwing paper balls at each other during lectures. can everyone please give a short update on what they have been doing? heh.
i have been relief teaching at sc and although i enjoy conducting lessons when i think of creative and fun things to do, i must say that it can get quite boring and stressful sometimes. so i'm thinking twice about teaching as a career. yup.
also, if you're trying to sign in to blog, the new blogger requires you to sign in with a gmail account. so i've created one for us. it's the password remains the same. so yup, if you have any problems logging in do let me know.
take care everyone!! (:


hui said...

hey chabs! should we have a column for putting down where we're at and all, like the AH 2004 blog? - hate to be a copy-cat, but in my honest opinion I think it's a brill idea. =X

ilove2aa2 said...

hahahha ya why not? quite a cool idea. it should be some 'current occupation' kind of thing.