Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2aa2, you make me want to live

heheh :)

i agree! i love love love the thingything. what's that called.

uhm the picture of jing with the biscuit tin.
anyhoo, guess what our terrorist potos are up on the tv in the
uhm first level of the school (you know the place in front of the office)

obviously i'm not very good at directions.

i hope to minimise randomness when i blog here
or else people won't understand me! :(

so the spaces will be smaller.

anyway i think that teachers shouldn't tell people

"i hate it when people don't listen to me".

it really makes me question the reason why you became a teacher!

so you have the power to command people and make them listen to you?

(this is not a angsty entry)

anyway judith's house yesterday was so fun.

i'm so glad that joshua and judith could be there for once :)

yay debaters rock! 2aa2 debaters, anyway :D

this entry is very long long long. anyway chab!

this is for you :)

i chronicled, the days you made me want to live

memorised the way that it felt and then i turned it into this kiss

i LUB jamison parker!

and 2aa2



ilove2aa2 said...

yay thanks tiff!!! i love that line! (:

ilove2aa2 said...

that was charissa btw (:

gayle said...

2ahr debaters also not bad ok. wah lau.